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Beginer's guide to crypto

Beginner's Guide To Crypto

Do you want to make money trading crypto on an exchange like Binance?

If yes this course is certainly for you.

Enroll yourself in this course as we take you into the journey of how cryptocurrency came into existence and how you can leverage on it to become financially stable in this harsh economy.

You shall learn how to trade on various exchange, and stand a chance to be added to our private WhatsApp group where we drop updates on projects to invest on.

Buy now for N 10,000

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Beginer's guide to crypto

JD-Crypto Academy

JD-Crypto Academy offers spot/futures trading course, technical analysis, lifetime signals and risk management for you.

Just with your smartphone or PC you begin and smile in the nearest future. Don’t ever think I won’t be able, that’s a step to failure, pick a step of decision and begin printing $. Keeping that money in your bank account won’t add up anything. This academy is here with a lot of offers/giveaways, gives attention and priority to her students.

Buy now for N 100,000

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This course will open you up to the world of Decentralized Finance which has been proven to be a space within the cryptocurrency that can transform your life financially just in a twinkle of an eye. Imagine you buying a coin like Feg, Free coin, Safemoon, Shib, etc when it was almost nothing in value and selling them off when it pumps that is like making 500 – 100% of your initial capital.

I know of a student who buys Feg with 50k naira and sold off when it pumped making 3 million naira.

After taking the course, you also stand a chance to be added to our private WhatsApp group where you get updates on potential coins to bag as we await the pump, then you sell off at your greed level.



Buy now for N 10,000

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VTU portal developer course

VTU portal development course

Looking at the increase in demand for data bundle, one can even say 40% of Nigerian’s population can’t survive without Data. Organizations make use of Data to transmit information from one point to another, most religion community use Data to stream their programms live online (Facebook live, YouTube live etc).

This course will enable you to build and manage VTU portal that will run on Android Apk and on the website form and fully automated (meaning everything will run on it’s on without you monitoring it).

Waoo! Don’t be afraid because codding knowledge is not required, we shall give a pack and show how to install and setup the VTU portal up and running within 24 hours.


Buy now for N 20,000

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Web Desing

Learn web design

Individuals, organizations, companies, religion organization, schools, online store and many more are working seriously on rebranding by taking their products or presence online so as they break barriers and get potential clients all over the globe. The need for a website cannot be over emphasize as nearly every organization wants to have one. In this course i will be teaching you how to build all kinds of website ranging from simple to complex website such as e-commerce, online portal, online school portal, CBT portal etc.


Buy now for N 30,000

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate mastering marketing course

Learn the step by step blueprint to making money online via Affiliate marketing from the comfort of your home, office and anywhere in the world. In this course you will learn how to get clients online, how to boost several social media handles, email marketing etc.

This course will at an average generate 5 million for you in Nigeria Naira.


Buy now for N 20,000

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How to Monetize WhatsApp

How to monetize whatsApp

Making money with your smart phone has become easier with WhatsApp. In this course, you will learn how to monetize your Whatsapp by turning it into a cash machine using simple strategies and information that will be reveal to you in this course.


Buy now for N 10,000

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VTU reseller

Become a VTU reseller

Here i will be teaching you step by step on how you will become a successful VTU reseller where you resell Data, Airtime, Tv Subscription, Electricity Bill payment, Examination card pins, Recharge Card printing and lot more by using our VTU app (DALTECH VTU).

In this course i will be sharing with you the strategy i employ to make 30k Naira weekly from my VTU business. I will also show us how to choose your brand name and also design your brand pricing list for free.

Buy now for N 100

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The DALTECH VTU APP is an App build with the sole aim of providing cheap, fast and afordable VTU Services to all our numerious students and WhatsApp Tv viwers to learn online and leverage on this services to make more money by reselling the services.

These services includes: instant recharge of Airtime, Data bundle, Cable Tv (DStv, GOtv and Startimes), Electricity Bill Payment and more.

Basic Package

MTN 1GB — 270
Airtel 1GB — 380
Glo 1GB   — 920
9mobile 1GB — 900

Reseller Package

MTN 1GB — 265
Airtel 1GB — 368
Glo 1GB   — 910
9mobile 1GB — 901



Indeed i’ve been searching online on how to create and manage my own automated  VTU portal but couldn’t fine any. 

Untill when a friend introduced me to Boss DALTECH and I decided to take up the “VTU Portal Development Cousre” that was my breakthrough, today I own a VTU platform where I make passive income daily.  

Japhet Alexander

Meeting boss DALTECH early this year has been a blessing and brought me luck in this harsh economy.  

Taking the WhatsApp monetization course was the best choice I made this year 2022. I have never in my life imagined that I can turn my WhatsApp into a money printing machine. In this course I learned lots of strategy which helps me to increase my status viewers on WhatsApp giving me the opportunity to sell products and I successfully turned my WhatsApp into a Tv with 4k views and above all within 2 weeks.

I have since been promoting products for people and receiving payment at the comfort of my home.    

Olajide Paul


Its indeed a privilege to testify in this plat form, last year I took several courses related to Crypto (Beginner’s guide to Cryptocurrency, DEFI A – Z, Spot and Future Courses) one will say how did I get such funds to pay for the courses.

Firstly I took the beginner’s guide to cryptocurrency where I learn lots of things and was added to a private WhatsApp group and the boss called some coins for us to bag which I did and the result was marvelous among some includes (Klever, Dent, XRP among others), from the DEFI course which is the most interesting part, I want to sincerely confess that I made my first millions in life with some of these coins the boss asked us to bag; Free coin, Feg, Pig token, Safemoon, Pitbull etc.

I sincerely recommend boss DALTECH to anyone who is ready to become financially free.

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