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JD-CRYPTO ACADEMY is founded by Daltech and Jy.com with the sole aim of teaching crypto and bring individuals to the full aspect of financial freedom through crypto. Looking at the issues in the country, no job after years of intense services; youths are prone to all kind of Ponzi scheme that eventually crash. Crypto currency offers a lot of privilege that will better your life and that of your family in a twinkle of an eye.

JD-CRYPTO ACADEMY offers spot/futures trading course, technical analysis and lifetime signals for you. Just with your smartphone or PC you begin and smile in the nearest future. Don’t ever think I won’t be able, that’s a step to failure, pick a step of decision and begin printing $. Keeping that money in your bank account won’t add up anything. This academy is here with a lot of offers/giveaways, gives attention and priority to her students.

Spot/Futures trading with lifetime signal N100,000

Full course on Technical analysis N100,000

50% Discount for one Month beginning from 16th June – 16th July, 2021

Spot/Futures trading with lifetime signal N100,000 = N 50,000

Full course on Technical analysis N100,000 = N 50,000

Do ensure you enroll and earn today ooo, don’t waste time thinking. Today is your day


In the world of Crypto many opportunities lies that will change your life in few minutes, hours and days. Imagine you get 1million naira cool cash with just 10k. DEFI is here to change your financial status, don’t ever miss out. You won’t regret knowing crypto and DEFI. Imagine you buy a coin that pump 1000%. Let’s calculate shortly. 10,000naira multiply by 1000%, that’s 10million naira at ease.

Many have made their first millions from DEFI. The moment you seat and manage the money you have, you don’t expect more. In this world the rich and rich minded people get rich while the poor and poor minded people keeps becoming poorer. Don’t joke with opportunity especially when it comes to DEFI. Just at the fee of 20,000naira and get enrolled into DALTECH DEFI CLASS/PUMP GROUP.

You are assured of 500%, 1000%, 2000% and more updates in this pump group is verified and Legit. Not just that you get lifetime signals and 24/7 support and lot more. Time is money, get enrolled and appreciate me later.

50% Discount for one Month beginning from 16th June – 16th July, 2021

DALTECH DEFI CLASS/PUMP GROUP with lifetime signal N20,000 = N 10,000


We basically accept payment online and offline for either of the courses listed above. our online payment method is paystack which is 100% secure and guarantee payment method.

To make your payment online simply Click here to Proceed to payment

For offline payment

Simply save our contact Click here to connect with us on WhatsApp for payment details and if we couldn’t respond in 5 minute simply put a call across.