NI NAGODE (I am grateful) is an expression of gratitude to God for the gift of salvation, miracles, triumphs & all that God has packaged for the new creation.

Hiko Amachom is a Nigerian Christian Medical Doctor, who loves to praise & worship his Maker, with the songs he receives. He believes that Thanksgiving should be the lifestyle of believers.

He prays that the song will bless your hearts.

Produced by Mr Ebenezer Irieme, Riems Studio, Abuja.

Kindly listen, Download, Drop a Comment and share this song to bless others.

For booking and concert, you can contact Hiko Amachom via the following channels:

Facebook: Amachom Hiko

WhatsApp: +234903 051 2951


1.Thinking about the things You’ve done.

All the mountains You have moved.

Countless miracles You’ve done.

Battles You have won.

I see Trophies everywhere.

Still my life has just began.

I’m convinced that You will do, much more than all I know.


Domin abubuwan da Kayi nagode, nagode, Yesu nagode.

Domin Al’ajiban da Kayi nagode, nagode, Yesu nagode.

2. You washed my sin away, made me brand new, now I have eternal life.

I’m the righteousness of God, the thought that floods Your heart, the apple of Your eyes.

You cancelled all my debts, You washed me white as snow, no more guilt & shame.

I am Your Precious Treasure, Partaker of Your Nature, here’s my gratitude oh Lord.

Domin abubuwan.

Ni nagode x2,

Masoyina x2

Ninagode x2

Maicetona x2

Domin abubuwan da Kayi nagode, nagode Yesu nagode, Domin Al’ajiban da Kayi nagode, nagode Yesu nagode.

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