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Why do you need our service?

Owning to the Legit Pump coins Updates that we deliver for free has gain us much more traffic within short interval of us coming online than one could ever imagine; not to talk about our views on WhatsApp and Telegram Channels respectively.

So if your aim is to break boundaries this year? We’re the best for this job and be rest assured that your song will go pleases.

 What are the medium employed at DALTECH MEDIA to promote my music?

We employ numerous medium apart from uploading your music on our official website all geared towards making your Music break boarders.


We share your download url on our WhatsAuto status with over 2k views for person’s to download. Not just that we pick the best track of the month and ask our viewers to refer 10 person each to download the song while the 10 person’s uses their referral link message us directly on WhatsApp with 20sec. screen record of your Music and their sponsors  get added to our PREMIUM PUMP GROUP, isn’t that a good news!! 

We also partner with other WHATSAPP Tvs whom will in turn help promote good music weekly. We shall be picking the best music of the week share the url to our partners (Other WhatsApp Tvs) for actions.


We also drop your download url at our telegram channel.


We also share your download url on our Facebook page which is also another medium of getting your content popularity and traffic.  

Am Ready, How do I get started?

We charge a mega fee of 2k!

Isn’t that too cheep for what you stand to gain?

 Actually, DALTECH MEDIA made lots of money on Crypto Trading so we decided to use our network and make your content count in the music industry and not necessary making money from you.

Once your 2k is ready, you also need to get the following;

– Music Cover Art

– Name of Artist

– Song Title

– A comprehensive typed hyping about yourself and the music

– Social Media handles url

Proceed to the payment page by clicking here and pay via paystack, then send payment proof that was sent to your email and the information listed above to.


Call 07035890194  for quick response.