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[Music] Zeus – Moral Instruction
By on October 2, 2021. MUSIC

This is an unapologetic self affirmations, Never subjecting oneself to pity irrespective of the background we come from, especially in a generation where the rich gets richer and the poor get trampled upon even by fellow colleagues. Had to face my fears, made a vow that I can never be weak. It doesn’t really matter if everyone doesn’t believe in you, you got to believe in yourself.

Enjoy this masterpiece by Zeus aka THUGnation.

For every kid out there who has been considered odd or written off.

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As i go through valley of shadow of deathI hang my A-K for backI dey wait for niggas weh dey plan seize my breathThat day we go know who be manEvery lion him jungle all man for himselfIf them tell you they gat you na scamI dey pursue money like my head no correct At some point you go think i dey mad

I’ve been on a low for a reasonI battled my demons, i conquered and put them for prisonRappers weh diss me don stop when dem hear like 2 bars dem gats bow cos i gave em a reasonI told the streets keep on believing I know you broke and you tire look up to the ceiling With nothing to chau for the evening Don’t you forget say hope dey when you’re part of the livingMarried the hustle i pledge to not send shi shi to anybody girlfriend till i dieIf you go disturb my peace or you go slow my hustle ogbeni gettout from my lifeHow i go dey by your side any weather but yet you go come still dey keep me for mindAlaye are you kidding me, i thought that you got me ahswear human beings too dey lie

The way the blessings dey come, i dey loose count, like person weh no sabi maths Street don dey call me prophet, I’m transforming lives, the way i dey drop holy barsAny show i go i burst, lock up the game, like yahoo boy weh follow SARSOluwa thank you baba, cos any weather you make sure THUGnation no castI’m dropping this bars like a convict Moving so sway to the extent my haters will love meShout out to mofos that hurt meNot sharing my music or talking those bullshit won’t stop meShe focused on me like her studies after giving the D now she be calling me daddyIf it ain’t God then nobody I fear no mortal motherfucker put no one above meHoly mary dear mother of God 30 billi no go bad o show me loveGive me your light and gimme the fire weh bad belle people sha no go ft offNa hustle i dey , dey find food to chop, give me your grace, me i want to ballWho first me buy benz no concern me no dim my light when others dey shine like the sunI know when i start, e funnyMost of the niggas weh believe me now been no send meBounce me for shows, e pain meLeft in the cold with jehovah now see how him don turn meCollect my mic e funnyI gave my heart and my soul to a girl she no love meMama said face your study9pm i dey with jerry for studio egbamiThe fact say i come from the street, no mean say na there i go die, everything go changePeople dey wonder wetin make the boy still dey fresh, i turn back and tell them na graceNo be say i sabi rap, but when other musicians see me for shows dem go hateNa oluwa gimme the grace so when i step up to the studio i dey believe with faith Goat weh get quarrel with hunter no dey follow bush for night alaye open your eyesEnemies weh you get plenty pass the ones you know dem no dey tell person o be wiseIf na just garri you get make you soak with pride comot eyes from people weh get riceShout out to guys weh dey hustle TDB on stead i dey pray make God make una riseMake you check am i be beastNa goodness and mercy dey follow me bro i dey dripCheck out the lines i dey spitHow many rappers you know weh dey rap and they singA legend an icon a kingEven stevie wonder and cohbams sev go dey seeNobody do it like meI’m getting the Grammy I’ll make sure I’m repping my street.

Time came when i gats face my fears, Walked through that fire and embrace the tearsBid all my past goodbyes, forgive myself, carefully select my peersSo i learnt to dey put myself firstUnderstood no one ft love me bestHad to go beast and bring out my spears God asked are you ready my son i said yes

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